RFP Rules

RUL 00002
Published On: 01/06/2017

Question: Section 10.1 of the RFP states that Demand Resources must post $35.71/kW of reduction as collateral. So if a CSP commits to 100 MW of DR, would they have to post $3,571,000 (100 MW * $35,710/MW)? When would this need to be posted and when would the CSP get this back? If the CSP currently serves 50 MW of MonPower customers in the PJM Emergency Load Management program, do they only need to post the collateral for the additional 50 MW as they have already have proven to deliver 50 MW of DR?

Answer: Yes, a CSP submitting a bid for 100 MW of DR would be required to post collateral of $3,571,000. Instructions for the posting and return of collateral will be sent to all bidders that are pre-qualified by CRA.

Yes, a CSP currently serving 50 MW of Mon Power customers would be required to post collateral in accordance with the amounts and process provided in the RFP.

RUL 00003 (revised 01/10/2017)
Published On: 01/10/2017

Question: Please describe the details of the rating system to be used in scoring alternative proposals submitted: What are the quantitative and qualitative evaluation components and what are the respective weightings to be applied to each evaluation component?

Answer: The evaluation components to be considered are shown on pages 21 through 26 in the RFP. CRA and Mon Power do not anticipate disclosing details of the rating system prior to the Proposal Due Date.