AGR 00001 (revised 01/10/2017)
Published On: 01/10/2017

Question: Under section 1.6: CapEx on the Information Form Addendum, what is the definition, including a nominal dollar value, of “major upgrades”?

Answer: Major upgrades would include CAPEX expenditures in association with one time or infrequent projects that would not be representative of ongoing, routine CAPEX. There is no specific dollar value threshold on the expenditure.  Please include a description of any project along with the CAPEX amount.

AGR 00002
Published On: 01/16/2017

Question: The Asset Purchase Agreement provided with the RFP appears to be for an existing generation facility. Can you provide the Asset Purchase Agreement for a planned generation facility?

Answer: Mon Power believes the draft Asset Purchase Agreement (“APA”) attached as Appendix D covers all eligible resources, including planned generation facilities. Per Section of the RFP, Mon Power reserves the right to not consider any separate APA submitted along with a bid. However, given that projects for new or planned resources are likely to be at different developmental stages, Mon Power may consider proposed changes to the draft APA to incorporate the specific factual details of the planned generation facility to the extent that the APA does not address issues specific to a Respondent’s Proposal for a new or planned generation resource.